As a business owner that works with new and innovative companies in the technology space, Linda is a candidate for Ward 11 who understands a progressive vision for our City. She has vision on how to continue the growth of our communities to attract young talent from around the world to compete in this new information age. I have known Linda for many years and have seen her in action at the community level through businesses, non-profits and community work and we would be served well as Ward 11 residents to have her represent our interest.
Josh Malate

As a longtime friend of Linda, I know she has the skill set to work with individuals and business to get things done. Linda’s moto is that “our City must live within its means”, which I appreciate and endorse as an independent Calgary business owner and City of Calgary taxpayer. Linda has demonstrated her leadership as a provincial MLA. These are the reasons why I endorse Linda Johnson as Ward 11’s Councillor in the upcoming Calgary 2017 Civic election
Dan Silvester

I support Linda Johnson for Ward 11 because I have seen first hand how hard she works for constituents. When Linda was an MLA she was leader of the Calgary Caucus and she was always looking for positive outcomes and smart solutions. She would be a balanced and pragmatic addition to City Council.
Emma May
Former Executive Director, Office of the Premier Southern Alberta
Co-Founder, Charles Real Estate

Linda is an effective leader who can ensure our city continues as a wonderful place to live. As an MLA, Linda demonstrated the ability to bring people together on difficult issues. I like Linda’s determination to slow the pace of public spending after years of significant growth.
Yogi Schulz

Linda Johnson has served her constituents as a community volunteer, a Member of the Alberta Legislature and is ready to continue service to us as Ward 11 Councillor. Linda has always “listened” to us focusing on her constituents’ needs always in the context of what is good for Alberta and now for Calgary. Her excellent past performance is an indicator of her future performance. We strongly support Linda Johnson for Ward 11 Councillor!
Jeanette and Ron Nicholls

I have known Linda for a number of years. She has always demonstrated good leadership skills and has interacted well with people. I can assure the voting public that Linda is the right representative for Ward 11.
Jack Van Ameringen

Irene and I have known Linda for 20 years + and during that time we have witnessed her passion and political skill. We have been part of her provincial campaigns and witnessed her ability to listen to constituents and work on their behalf. She was professional and respectful in all circumstances. She is keenly interested in serving the people in Ward 11 and making Calgary the city we want it to be. We know she is a person of integrity who will go above and beyond, for our collective best interests.
Randy & Irene Langille

I’ve known Linda for 7 years and continue to be impressed by her passion and energy to serve her community. She is always caring, open minded, and interested in listening to your concerns. She is also results oriented with specific strategies, aligned to her goals for Calgary, formulated to address each issue.
Sharon Harding

Linda Johnson was our MLA for many years and during that time we found her to be outstanding. She is honorable, honest, thoughtful, effective, sensible and strives to represent her constituents at all times. She is my idea of what a representative should be. I believe she would be an outstanding addition to city council.
Dr. Gary Gelfand