Advanced Voting Starts Today!

October 4, 2017

Early voting in Calgary’s Municipal Elections starts today and stretches until October 11th (excluding October 9th). Our team has been encouraged by the commitment to vote amongst many residents that we have talked to across Ward 11.

The extended advanced voting period is a great opportunity and it ensures that everyone gets an opportunity to vote and be part of the democratic process. We hope that all Ward 11 residents get out and vote for the best person that reflects their values and also has the ability to win this election and represent them at city council.

Did you know that polling stations are located throughout Calgary and voters are able to go to any polling station to cast their ballot. We have even put together a page which lists some of the polls near or in Ward 11 for residents to vote at.

Media Release: Donor’s List

October 3, 2017

This morning Linda Johnson, candidate in Calgary’s Ward 11 released her donor list on her web site and committed to continuing to update the list through the election campaign period.

“Transparency is key in elections,” said Johnson, “It’s so important that voters be able to look at candidates and know who is supporting them. It’s about knowing the people behind the campaigns and assessing a candidate’s position wholescale.”

Johnson’s list includes donors that contributed to her campaign at all dollar values.

“I believe that we need to raise the bar in politics, honesty is an incredibly important policy, and trust is an incredibly important value. Releasing a donors list is one small step in the right direction.”

The Linda Johnson Campaign Donor list will remain online and be regularly updated through the campaign period.

The list can be found at