Linda Johnson’s experience is steeped in community involvement and entrepreneurship. As a business partner and small business owner, Linda brings a wealth of experience in understanding project management and operations, and knows all too well the need for an organization to operate within its means. Linda earned her Bachelor of Commerce from St Mary’s University, and is a member of the Canadian Professional Sales Association, and the Canadian Association of Management Consultants.

Having served as the MLA for Calgary-Glenmore, Linda spent years working to advocate for Calgarians, helping to build a stronger and vibrant community in Calgary south. Beyond her professional experience, Linda is a committed volunteer, having served as a former member of school parent council and as a board member for the local community association in Braeside.

Proven Advocacy

Since 2015, Linda has worked with clients in the areas of affordable and seniors housing, stakeholder engagement and improvements to the Disaster Recovery Program. Her services included providing guidance and evaluation of financial funding analysis, funding sources, and navigation of political landscape in all three levels of government. Linda currently serves on the board of a local non-profit agency and was a member of the Chamber Human Resources committee.

Linda has the collaborative background, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the knowledge to get things done. With her proven track record of working within this community on local issues and listening to residents, Linda Johnson is the voice that Ward 11 needs on October 16th!

About Linda Johnson

Linda’s credibility.

Through her years of service to the community, Linda has a proven track record of being a strong advocate for local issues. Linda has the ability to listen and understand the concerns of residents. In addition, through her consulting work, Linda has worked with clients in the areas of affordable and seniors housing, stakeholder engagement and improvements to the Disaster Recovery Program. She has demonstrated her ability to act upon feedback and bring practical solutions to her community. As Councillor for Ward 11, Linda will represent all neighbourhoods of this diverse and vibrant area and champion a constructive and honest relationship between the City and residents.

Linda will work for all her neighbours.

As a board member and volunteer, Linda has worked with community groups to connect them with the right resources, at the right time, to get results. Her ability bridging the bureaucratic divide between residents and government is an asset Ward 11 and what our City needs.

Linda Johnson In The Community

Linda’s belief in working to create a vibrant and livable city.

Calgary is facing an important crossroads. With the challenges in our economy and the difficult decisions facing the incoming council; residents of Ward 11 deserve a positive, forward-thinking and collaborative Councillor who knows the importance of living within our means. Linda will be that champion in City Hall and will be a strong voice for all residents.


Policies & Issues


With Calgary’s transportation needs continuing to grow, Ward 11 needs an advocate who is committed to improving how City Hall consults with residents to make it a truly honest, and effective process. Leveraging her knowledge of all levels of government, Linda will advocate for decisions regarding transportation within the Ward, to be properly communicated between City Hall and residents.

Flood Mitigation.

With the economic difficulties the City is facing, we cannot afford to be hit with another flood and the economic damages that it would cause. As Councillor, Linda will be an advocate for residents of the Ward on flood mitigation, working with all levels of government to ensure this is not a forgotten issue and drive plans to move mitigation efforts forward.

Big Ticket Items.

Linda’s philosophy is that as a City, we need to “balance the Big Ticket items with the City’s ability to pick up garbage.” Linda will be the voice on Council that pushes the City to a place of big ideas and success for all our friends and families; and also a voice that is conscientious of the everyday responsibilities of Council and City Hall. She will work to ensure there is a clear understanding of the balance needed between large scale projects and the daily services the City needs to provide to all residents.