Over the last few months I have criss-crossed Ward 11 and spoken to families, to community associations, and to residents just like yourself. I’ve heard consistently from my conversations, that in the next city council residents want:

  • Open and clear communication from City Hall;
  • To have their opinions actually matter in infrastructure and development consultations; and
  • Fiscal responsibility starting at the top.

I believe that communicating with residents needs to be at the top of our priority list at City Hall– we need to make sure that communities and Calgarians are included in the consultation process, and not an afterthought. I believe that City Hall needs to live within its means, we need to make sure that we balance our priorities and our fiscal responsibilities. I believe that we need to be accountable, as your elected representatives– City Hall needs to be transparent and honest.

And this needs to start on Day 1.

On October 17th, I promise to you to roll my sleeves up and get to work and provide Ward 11 with the necessary updates on key issues like the SW BRT and progress on flood mitigation.

I want to make sure that Calgary continues to be a world class city, and that Ward 11 continues to be a thriving, vibrant and active community.

This is a tight race and with your support we can do it.

So on Monday make sure you get out, cast your ballot and vote in this important election. Every. Vote. Counts.