The news reports of the closure of the Midfield Mobile Home Park over the past week have been very concerning. The feeling residents have of not having their concerns heard and the uncertainty with previously agreed upon offers, shows that along the process the city has let down residents of Midfield. But I do believe we have a way to help rectify the situation and provide a compassionate solution that works for all. Here are a couple of ideas that I believe would provide a positive solution:

  1. The City should pay out residential mortgages for trailers left on the site. This would alleviate the impending financial issues for owners and personal stress. (People who have already moved on, but are currently paying an existing mortgage would be allowed to apply as well)
  2. The City should fulfill the original promise and pay out the full $10,000 moving allowance to the remaining residents.
  3. The City should no longer pursue previous owners for the clean-up costs of previously abandoned Mobile Homes.

These simple steps would allow the city to regain credibility and show compassion for the residents of Midfield. This demonstration of integrity would begin a healing process with residents of Midfield and their families.