Earlier this month we officially kicked off my campaign for Ward 11. Surrounded by friends, family and supporters it was the first of many events that we have planned in the ward. With our new web site up and running, a fantastic Lilac festival, an engaging Neighbour Day, and numerous meetings with community associations – we are off to a great start!

On The Campaign Trail!

Like so many of you, my family has benefitted from the opportunities that Calgary has to offer. Our city works hard and plays hard, and our entrepreneurial spirit is unmatched. Calgary is a place that thrives in a challenge. As we navigate through economic stresses and families face difficulties, I feel it is incredibly important that your City Council strives to ensure that Calgary is a city that nurtures success and lives within its means.

And to help our City achieve this, Ward 11 needs city council representation that believes in this Calgary like I do. An individual that has a proven record of working with everyone to achieve a common good. An individual that knows that Calgary’s vibrancy and strength is in building each community to the best it can be.

Over the next few weeks leading up to the Calgary Stampede, I will be attending community events and reaching out to as many residents of Ward 11 as possible. You can keep up to date with my campaign by following me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Happy Summer-ing,